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218 Things To Do in 2018 (Random Goals Ideas)

218 things to d before 2018| creatingmfon.wordpress.com

With 2018 fast around the corner, my head is all over the place with ideas, things to do, plans and everything that will happen in 2018.

This list includes ideas and things to do in 2018. See 2018 as the opportunity to do new and exciting things, to create memories. To live fully.

How to use this list: I have created a pdf and picture format of this list. Download it and use it as a checklist for the things you tried.

218 is huge. You don’t have to do everything on this list (no pressure). But do try as much as you can. Make the coming year worth every second..


  1. One thing that scares you- conquer your fears!
  2. Reading at least 10 new books
  3. A Dance/Running/Exercise Class
  4. Watching a popular new TV series or movie.
  5. Completing a 1,000+ piece puzzle (do you like puzzles?)
  6. Drinking only water as a beverage for one month.
  7. A food that you’ve never had before
  8. Volunteering at a place that you’ve always wanted to help
  9. Thinking and talking positively in situations you automatically think negatively in for one week.
  10. Going at least one week without buying anything you don’t absolutely need
  11. Donating your old clothes/home decor/shoes/etc
  12. Listening to a new genre of music you’ve never tried/been into before
  13. Saying “No” more when you really don’t want to do something
  14. Being more openminded
  15. Public Speaking
  16. Writing poetry
  17. Writing a journal for one month.
  18. Applying for your dream job…. might as well give it a try!
  19. Flossing every day for at least one week straight
  20. Fixing something around your house that is broken
  21. Remembering someone’s name when they say it
  22. Blocking/Un-friending anyone in your life who doesn’t deserve to be in it
  23. Checking in on someone you haven’t talked to in a long time
  24. Wearing something you love but don’t think you can “pull off”- because you can!
  25. Leaving a generous tip & a happy note to go with it
  26. Giving advice to someone who might need it
  27. Listening to a classical music playlist
  28. Drawing or painting
  29. Making your bed every day for at least one week in a row
  30. Getting a library card & leaving notes in books for readers to find
  31. A karate class
  32. Something someone has recommended to you (a book, restaurant, store, etc)
  33. Seeing things from someone else’s point of view
  34. Reading the newspaper more often
  35. & on the topic of newspapers, completing a crossword puzzle
  36. Finding ways to relieve your stress without drinking/smoking/eating/anger/etc
  37. Making friends with someone you typically wouldn’t get to know
  38. Reading 2 books from BBC’s top 100 reading list
  39. Being more engaged in your town’s politics & social gatherings
  40. Calling home more often
  41. Writing a letter to someone you can’t get over and mail it- or burning it
  42. Closing out of a website every time you’re about to type an argumentative comment
  43. Asking instead of assuming
  44. Doing something you would “never” do
  45. Being more empathetic
  46. Not giving in to something or someone if you don’t want to
  47. Being less bitter towards people or things you can’t change
  48. Conquering something you didn’t think you would in 2018
  49. Cutting back on “bad” words in regular conversations
  50. Not judging that random person you normally couldn’t help but judge
  51. Not comparing your life to anyone else’s
  52. Being more curious about things that interest you or that you don’t know
  53. A food/snack you used to love as a child that you haven’t eaten in years
  54. Making something crafty
  55. Using that thing you’re “saving for a special occasion” on a weekly basis


  1. How to invest your money wisely… and efficiently
  2. How to cook at least one meal you love to absolute perfection
  3. Some form of self-defense
  4. The master skill of blending & highlighting your make up
  5. Basic coding / website building
  6. All about a foreign country that you’ve always been interested in
  7. To listen more instead of giving your opinion
  8. All about a charity that interests/fascinates you- & donate to it!
  9. Something random off of a Youtube video or Pinterest
  10. The proper way to perform CPR
  11. To memorize your favorite poem by heart
  12. To memorize you favorite Bible verse by heart
  13. Your family history
  14. The best way for YOU to relax after a long day
  15. The history of your country, city/town
  16. Knitting
  17. Something you’ve forgotten
  18. Something you’ve always wanted to know
  19. Stock Market 101
  20. The basic beliefs about each religion- regardless of what religion you do/don’t follow
  21. The meaning behind a phrase you hear/say often (For example- the term “Sleep Tight” originated from the 1700s to remind people to tighten the ropes of their bed)
  22. How to cook one ethnic recipe
  23. How to do the splits
  24. Basic geography- you know, all the places you’ve forgotten since…
  25. To know how to respectfully say “No” to things you shouldn’t or don’t want to do
  26. One impressive, random thing… like making balloon animals, tying a cherry stem into a knot in your mouth, juggling, etc
  27. How to play a new instrument
  28. How to iron like an expert
  29. The best way to store/save/back up your pictures/data/important documents
  30. The proper way to type/write a letter
  31. All about the past leaders and presidents of your country (right from inception)
  32. . How to tie a tie
  33. Photography!
  34. Forgiving someone who has done you wrong
  35. The way to write a perfect “Thank You” note
  36. The ability to know when it’s best to leave something unsaid
  37. To compliment those around you more often
  38. What your core beliefs & opinions are
  39. To listen more
  40. An easy hair style that looks good but takes hardly any time
  41. How to swim
  42. How to play your favorite sport
  43. Good posture
  44. How to make one meal that’s not only good but takes no time at all to cook
  45. To stop picking your nails, biting your lip, or any other bad nervous habits
  46. Basic sewing 101
  47. A card game you’re unfamiliar with
  48. The lyrics of your favorite song
  49. How to bake your favorite dessert
  50. How to go through an entire meal without checking your phone/e-mail
  51. To say “Yes!” more to new experiences, opportunities, events, etc
  52. To spell all those words you’re always misspelling or unsure of on a daily basis
  53. To pray
  54. Words to use in place of “like”, “um”, “said”, etc.
  55. To cut ties with anyone who is against you or not a good influence in your life
  56. Patience- or at least having more of it
  57. To be respectful when disagreeing with someone on a topic
  58. To replace “That will never happen” with “Let’s give it a try”
  59. How to play Chess
  60. Not to get into debates on social media platforms
  61. How to properly care for your teeth and body
  62. To laugh more
  63. To not take everything so personally
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  1. Standing up for a cause you believe in
  2. Reading stories from Humans of New York
  3. A weekend getaway with some of your oldest/closest friends
  4. Something new around your city that you’ve always wanted to see/do
  5. A blissful massage and spa
  6. Catching up with an old friend
  7. Laughing so hard your “abs” hurt
  8. A staycation in your city (or hometown!)
  9. A play or show you’ve always wanted to attend
  10. Visiting a new place
  11. Giving blood to help someone in need
  12. A new restaurant that’s just opened- & make sure to leave a review on website or social media!
  13. Going to an amusement park & letting the child in you loose!
  14. Getting up early with the sole purpose of watching the sunrise
  15. Trying out a restaurant or product that was featured on a popular TV station
  16. Taking a short (or long trip) solely by yourself & being ok with being alone
  17. The feeling of being loved unconditionally- even if it’s just by your pet!
  18. Helping someone who can’t help you
  19. Leaving advice or happy thoughts in random places
  20. Paying it forward
  21. Throwing kindness around like confetti
  22. A movie that makes you genuinely happy/grateful/in-awe
  23. Hearing the life story of someone new
  24. Getting up early & going to bed early for an entire week just to see if it impacts your mood or life
  25. A sporting event in your city
  26. Treating yourself to something you’ve been wanting
  27. Spending one weekend doing things you loved to do as a child
  28. A TED talk that leaves you feeling motivated
  29. Visiting the zoo
  30. Going to a book signing for an author you love
  31. Eat food or cake from a food/cake tasting event
  32. Learning one new thing a day
  33. Talking to someone you otherwise would never talk to
  34. Playing a video game you loved from your childhood
  35. Doing or saying one kind thing a day for an entire year
  36. Being a “regular” somewhere- it’s nice having a place you can always go!
  37. Making a super smart investment
  38. Starting a business
  39. Doing something that would make your parents proud
  40. Being proud of something your parents have done
  41. Watching new life… it could be a baby, an animal, or even flowers blooming
  42. Attending a local event in your city that’s always sparked your interest
  43. Camping… or at least attempting to get back to nature
  44. Being more vulnerable
  45. Traveling more
  46. Letting your walls down more often (especially when with friends or someone important)
  47. A road trip
  48. Voicing your opinion on something you’ve been holding in
  49. Attending a conference, seminar or convention for something that interests you
  50. Rock Climbing
  51. Seeing someone else’s dreams come true
  52. Giving back to your community
  53. Being lost for words (in a good way!)
  54. Listening to a speech & feeling inspired
  55. Going to an open mic night (either for poetry, singing, etc) and letting your voice be heard
  56. Being debt free this year (or at least one step closer).
  57. Getting to know a random person’s life story on the plane, a long bus ride, at the bar, down the hall from you, etc.
  58. Pointing your finger at a map & visiting wherever it lands
  59. Texting your friends/family more uplifting messages
  60. Feeling healthy- get a dental & body checkup so you can know where you stand
  61. A night that you will always remember with people you’ll always cherish
  62. The feeling of being fulfilled and satisfied with where you are currently in life
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  1. A photo album of 2017
  2. An effective 30 minute-a-day work out plan that suits your health & work out goals
  3. A playlist that will always put you in a good mood
  4. A prayer and Bible study Journal/notebook
  5. The perfect vacation to take sometime this year
  6. A list of things you want to do in 2019/2020
  7. A dream or goals Journal where you write all your goals and dreams.
  8. A better morning routine
  9. A clean, clutter free home
  10. Some place in your home where you can focus and get work/tasks done well
  11. A backed up laptop that’s clutter free & operates more efficiently
  12. A family reunion
  13. A new savings account- it could be for travel, a new home, saving for Christmas gifts, or just anything etc.
  14. A blog where you share your thoughts
  15. Homemade gifts for your neighbors/co-workers/friends
  16. The birthday party you’ve always wanted to throw yourself
  17. A private blog, Facebook or Instagram account dedicated to documenting your year in 2018- for your eyes only!
  18. An organized closet (because even if you purged last year, it’s time to re-do!)
  19. An autobiography of your life up to this point
  20. A clean slate for your future by letting go & accepting your past
  21. Letters to your future children/grandchildren
  22. Crowd funding page for a cause you believe in
  23. A letter to yourself to read in 5, 10, 15 years
  24. The go-to perfect outfit
  25. A budget that works well & that you can stick with for future years
  26. A plan for a huge vacation to take within the next year or two
  27. A letter to your future spouse (or current spouse- but to read years down the line)
  28. A classical music playlist to listen to when you need to work/study/clean
  29. Something new for your home
  30. A book of your favorite quotes
  31. Random notes to leave around for your lover/friends/family to find
  32. A memory list where you write down every memory you have from past vacations, family members, friends, high school, camp, work etc.
  33. Your ultimate music playlist
  34. A library of all your favorite books
  35. An atmosphere of love & vulnerability instead of building walls around yourself
  36. One memory during 2018 that you’ll ALWAYS remember
  37. A collection of your favorite movies
  38. A video summing up what you did, learned, and experienced in 2017 to watch or share years down the road
  39. The peace with knowing 2018 is only one year & you have many years to come- this is just one chapter in your book and if you haven’t done something yet, it doesn’t mean you won’t…

There you have it. 218 things to do in 2018. Give a try.

218 things to d before 2018| creatingmfon.wordpress.com



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