3 Things I Can't Go Without

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3 Things

In a day where technology rules the world, I would easily say, I can’t go without my comouter and cell phone.

But recently my computer crashed after installing a new update. First I thought arghh!!! Grace, your life just ended, everything is gone.

But then I only felt that way for a brief moment and began to marry my phone until I raise money to fix it. So my life didn’t end after all.

I know a lot of people who can’t go a day without their cell phones, maybe me too…

But what really are your essentials? Things you can’t go a day without?

Omit things like water, air, food, shelter etc.

Omit God — because He isn’t a thing.. and He is life.

Here’s mine: This is in practical sense of life, not philosophical.

If it were philosophical, I would say: 

  1. My Passion or dreams— they keep me going.
  2. Love— because, what is life without love?
  3. Freedom/alone time — I thought this was an introvert thing, till lately I discovered that everyone needs ‘alone time’ everyone needs the freedom to be. During this time, I am regenerated, re-energised, I get clarity.

If it were Idealistic, I would say: 

  1. Money — answers all things…
  2. People— I’m not an island, right?
  3. My computer/phone— of course I had to put ’em here.
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In real, practical sense: 

  1. Books — because I can’t stop wanting to know more.
  2. Notebooks/pen — because reading isn’t enough.
  3. My Glasses — because the world is blur without them. And I might just give a blank stare if someone greets me from a certain distance.

Those are my essentials. What are yours?

What are #3things you can’t live without? 

Join in… let’s hear you…

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  1. elsa george says:

    Love, love, love it ❤

    1. Thank you.. 🤗😚

  2. Am i allowed to say food 😂 ☺

    Three essentials things
    1. My phone
    2. Novels
    3. Food, water, sleep, school ‘laughing’

    1. I asked to omit food, water etc… because that will definitely be on everyone’s list.

      Thank you for taking time to read the post.

      1. u welcome

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