52 Goals For 2018!

2017 is a year I won’t forget in a hurry. A lot happened. But it all led me to where I am now. For that, I am grateful.

2018 is already here and I have to make the best of it.

I strongly believe in goals setting and self-evaluation because it encourages growth. We cannot underestimate the importance of goals setting. We all know that setting your goals is the first step to accomplishing it. Write it down is another. The main work is in getting started on your goals, the daily acts that add up to the main goals.

One observation I have made in setting and accomplishing goals is that accountability goes a long way helping one stay on track. This is why I am sharing my 52 goals for 2018 with you. To help me remain accountable. This is just a list of my goals. The actions I intend to take to accomplish them are well spelled out in my goals journal.

52 Goals for 2018


  1. Generate $ 200 from blog
  2. Launch my company (products) and generate One Million Naira (nearly $3000) in revenue from products
  3. Apply for TEF Fund
  4. Develop a business plan for a new business idea
  5. Find investors and partners for my company
  6. Create 2 online courses for bloggers (free and paid)
  7. Create an informational ebook and planners (free and paid)
  8. Run a free baking class for secondary school leavers
  9. Grow blog (more details in my 2018 blogging goals)
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  1. Take up Dad’s medical and welfare bills
  2. Write a Thank you note (or notes) to dad and mom
  3. Visit dad&mom at least every month
  4. Plan and go on a vacation with siblings
  5. Help a family member financially, no questions asked.


  1. Join or start an online Bible Study group
  2. Write out 12 Biblical character qualities I want to become and use them as my Bible study focus (one each month).
  3. Become committed to Church again.
  4. Contribute to or publish a Christian magazine or newsletter (print or online)
  5. Memorize Matthew 5
  6. Create and use a Bible and prayer journal to track my spiritual growth.


  1. Sponsor a child in school
  2. Gift Christmas baskets to neighbors
  3. Pay for a stranger’s groceries at the mall/supermarket… no questions asked.
  4. Handwrite letters (encouraging, inspiring, humor ) and leave them in random places
  5. Mark my 30th birthday at an orphanage (a day before)


  1. Complete a 7-day detox
  2. Run a 5k
  3. Be a vegetarian for one month
  4. Do a full body checkup
  5. Make my own personal cleaning products
  6. Drink only water as beverage for 3 months


  1. Save N200,000 (equivalent of $556)
  2. Budget my expenses and income and stick to it.
  3. Create multiple sources of income (blogging, digital products, bakery, food processing, etc)
  4. Create a one year financial/budget planner (for 2019)
  5. Complete a no-spend challenge

Personal Development

  1. Sign up for a paid blogging course
  2. Buy a blogging book or ebook
  3. Take a copywriting class
  4. Take a personal development course
  5. Read at least 30 books
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  1. Climb the longest canopy walkway in Africa (@ Lekki Conservation Centre and write about the experience)
  2. Visit 2 out of the 37 cultural wonders of Nigeria


  1. Attend the Platform, Lagos
  2. Attend Food Science Conference and exhibit my products
  3. Attend business conferences and seminars (paid and free)
  4. Attend NIFES conference
  5. Celebrate my 30th birthday (will be the first birthday I have celebrated in my life, well apart from my 10th that my mom traditionally marked for all of us).
  6. Host a dessert tasting event
  7. Take a selfie with someone famous, a leader or expert in my field of interest.
  8. Make 30 before 30 goals list
  9. Give me a treat!!!

Alright, those are my 52 goals for 2018. I’ll come here after each month to update this list.

What is/are your goals for 2018? Mind sharing? Leave a comment or shoot me an email (I’ll like to be your accountability partner)