Creating Grace

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Here’s the problem I face everyday of my life;

I am lazy.. (the good kind of lazy)

I lack self-control (but not in the way you think…)

I don’t even love me (I’m learning to..)

I have so many things about me that I do not accept (which I’m starting to..)

I have bad addictions (movies, prolonged screen time, social media, etc)

I procrastinate a lot lot and lot

I easily become depressed (still a work in progress)

I hide/run from God at the slightest mistake, offense or sin I commit

I lost very good friends (not to death) due to my bad relationship skills and a near non-existent social life.

I lost control of my life to bad habits and everything else drawing me away from my purpose

Sounds familiar? Are you anything like me?

I wouldn’t bet.

But I wasn’t always like this.

Somewhere along the line, failure, failed expectations, dreams that took too long to materialize, losses, lack of support to do what ought’s to be done, complacency etc. I became totally dissatisfied and disappointed with my life and began to indulge in these bad habits.

There is a large part of me that desires more than anything, excellence, success, prosperity (in all the sense of it), fame (in a good way), a sweet relationship with God, love, etc.

There is a greater part of me that wants it all—God, fame, money, family, health …


There is a greater part of me that believes I can have it all. If I just work hard and smart and consistent enough.

I can have it all – if I just get myself to work.

If I just pay the price.

That’s why I decided to wake myself up.

To stir my life in the direction of my purpose, dreams and desires.

To do all I can with all God has given me to make the most of my life.

To make my life count. Intentionally. One day at a time.

And enjoy the process/journey.

I figured I am not alone in this struggle. They are thousands of young people out there with same or worse struggles who really want to change their habits, take back control of their lives, recreate themselves and leave a legacy for the coming generations.

This is why I am curating my life journey—confusions, mistakes, contemplations, musings, questions, and lessons learned in the process of creating grace (the grace of my dreams).

This will also be a curation of resources, books, materials, methods, templates etc I have used or found useful.

I invite you to join me in this journey and make the best of your life.

Let’s get creating.

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