Dear Christian,

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Christianity is not synonymous with poverty! 

One does not have to be poor to be a ‘true’ Christian. 

Poverty is not a sign of a committed Christian.

Wealth, prosperity, abundance etc was part of the deal.

Be a Christian. And choose to be a wealthy one too.

—-excerpts from a boom I’m writing…

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  1. I’m liking this already

    1. Thank you. Still a work in progress though.

  2. I am a Christian and I don’t believe I have to be poor to be a good one. Nice one.

    1. Thanks dear. I don’t believe i have to be poor either as a Christian. But I have met lots of educated Christians who believe ‘poverty’ or ‘average life’ is a true mark of Christianity. Some say things like you can be ‘wealthy’ and be Godly at the same time.

      1. Many Christians are not having the right mindset when it comes to lifestyle and God’s will for them. God wants us to be happy and that ought to reflect in everything. Poverty ain’t happiness neither is there anything Godly about it.

  3. You are so right.
    My 2 years journey as a Christian came with unfathomable blessings!

    1. Ohh yea! Same here dear. Thank you for dropping by.

  4. God is very much interested in the prosperity of His children. God’s blessings enriches and add no sorrow.

    1. Very true dear.
      Thanks for coming around.

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