December Goals + Free Goals Setting Template


Hello December!

November was great. Lots of mistakes, missed opportunities and lessons. I am super excited that December is here already, which means I’m very eager to jump into 2018.

This months goal is mostly centred around planning, setting goals for 2018, and a few things I need to take care of before the year ends.

Here we go!

Spiritual Goals:

  • Do a Bible Study on Forgiveness.
  • Journal my progress in my Bible journal.

Blog Business:

  • Schedule all blog post for the month.
  • Follow the blog goals I had earlier shared¬†
  • Email blog collaborators for upcoming collaborative post
  • Finish 2018 blog planner and share on the blog
  • Send all my clients a ‘Thank you note’
  • Make 2 wedding cakes

Personal Development:

  • Read: Built To Last by Jim Collins and Success Principles by Jack Cranfield.
  • Set goals for 2018
  • Create a daily routine and follow it.
  • Speak more positively
  • Track habits.
  • Keep a journal.


  • Call home often.
  • Write a ‘Thank you letter’ to my parents
  • Chat up old friends


  • Be more active (Run at least twice a week)

Physical Environment:

  • Declutter my home and prepare for 2018
  • Research how to make my own cleaning products and make some ahead.


  • Gift my neighbors mini Cakes for Christmas.


  • Give me a treat.
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That’s it friends. My December goals. I may not accomplish all these goals, and some may change as events occur. But I’ll be happy I tried and every trial will make me better than I was.

What are your December Goals? 

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