How do you break bad habits?

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Nearly everything that generates enduring value and satisfaction required effort, focus, discomfort, and lots of sacrifices.

At the same time, we are deeply wired to avoid pain, stress, etc; which the body reads as mortally dangerous, and to move towards pleasure, the more immediate the better.

We are also exposed to more distractions and temptations than ever. The world is legally at our fingertips. A few keystrokes away.

It is forever beckoning us like the sirens singing to Odysseus, who lashed himself to the last of his ship to resist their calls.

The sirens sing to me today;

Drink that coke (one more bottle won’t harm..)

Skip the workout…

Put off the hard work..

Surf the web (in search for nothing)..

Mindlessly scroll through social media..

Skip your personal time with God (one day off will do no harm right!)..

Drop the book…

Watch movies instead (and lots of them..)

Indulge your whims…

Settle for the easy way our (short cuts aren’t stressfull)..

Don’t reach out…


We have one reservoir of willpower. It is a highly limited resource and it gets depleted by every act that required it’s use.

So what do I do to resist the call of the sirens?

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How do I take back control of my life and achieve my less than one year goal?

I can’t easily lash myself to a mast, But I can simply and intentionally make a lot of changes to get my life back.

What follows might be key moves, plans, I intend to make.

It’s not ‘all’ or ‘none.’ More is better.

But each one intentional move will help. These are moves and strategies I have used before, or at least imagined or dreamed about using them. Some are suggestions from experts– tested and tried..

And I’m putting it out here for you and all who come across it. First to keep me accountable. And lastly to be of help if you find yourself in the same rut.


What sirens sing to you?

How do you gain back control of your life after losing it to bad habits..??

I’ll like to hear from you..

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  1. This is good Grace. Its not so easy to break bad habits especially when we derive some sort of satisfaction from them. It takes grace and conscious effort to break out of any. #myopinion

    1. Yea yea! A welcomed opinion. Thanks Whitney for stopping by.

      1. You are most welcome

  2. I think the best approach to break a bad habit is to tell yourself that it is sabotaging your life. Then you take action immediately by replacing it with another positive habit. Research says that you should follow through for 21 days and you have a new pattern formed.

    I loved this post Grace. I can totally relate.

    1. Thank you Chinedum. The 21 days challenge is so true, but it requires consistency though.

  3. Very encouraging

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by.

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