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how to create the life you want in 16 easy steps

Hello Champion 💪✌🤗🙋‍♀️

If you have read my welcome post or blog intro or creating grace , you probably know I am on a journey to create the life I want, to become my best self before I hit 30.

I am doing this through personal development, personal growth, self-love, changing my words, blogging,  inspiring others and other aspects I will outline in this post.

The journey has already begun and it is one that is definitely going to change me for the better!

I had made mention of documenting every detail of this journey, most of which I’ll share on this blog.

So I’m putting together my key moves in this series ‘how to create the life you want in 16 easy steps.’

If you happen to find yourself in a similar state and need to recreate or rediscover yourself; or know someone, I hope and pray that this series will be a valuable resource to you in your journey.

Are you interested in taking this journey along with me? I am putting this together for you, so you too can work on creating the life you want.

These are easy, reflective and actionable steps that you can incorporate into your life overnight or in a couple of days and literally start your path to a better you right now! 

Every step is the exact tools I am incorporating into my life, actions I am taking every day on this journey and hope to sustain afterward. 

So, before I ramble on too much, here is an outline of the series and dates they’ll be up on the blog:

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This is what the next couple of weeks will look like for me on this blog. I may chip in a couple of unrelated spilled thoughts(fiction, life lessons, musings) in between, to ease up things.

After every post I will return here to link each step to it’s post. And would probably create an eBook out of this series. However, lets keep our fingers crossed.

That’s it guys. We begin tomorrow. Come around. Read. Contribute. Comment. Share. And most of all learn something.

I am inviting you to join me, to start your journey to becoming your best self. If you decide to, shoot me an email: (uwakgrace-at-gmail-dot-com) or reach out to my on Facebook: Grace Esedeke or any means that is convenient for you. I have a few templates, worksheets or personal recommendations.

Lets get Creating..



  1. […] What makes me different and how do I use it to fulfill my purpose? Goals are the small steps and action you take to reach your vision and purpose. Your goal describes clearly the activities and task to be completed daily, weekly, monthly or yearly which provides the basics for you to measure or track your performance and progress towards your vision and ultimately your purpose. While your vision can be broad and vague and unrealistic, Goals provides clarity to your vision, should be specific. measurable, realistic and time-based. Goals involve breaking down your vision into actionable and measurable targets or activities to be achieved in the next 30, 20, 10, 5 years and 1 year. Core Values: This is the second component of the core ideology. They are a set of principles or beliefs that an individual or organization views as of central importance. They guide your conducts and your relationship with others. Your core values define what you believe and how you want others to see you. Core values are your guiding principles. They are things or qualities you will never compromise for money, love or anything else that defies your beliefs. They form the foundation upon which you build your life, business, relationships and everything else. They help you place emphasis on what you deem important and worthy. Core values like purpose are unchanging. You don’t change your values because of trends, circumstances or whatsoever. Every individual and organization (no matter how small) should have a core ideology. It is your success framework and the starting point of intentional living and creating the life you want […]

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