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Hi hi!

In just one week I created this blog I have 20 followers already.

Thank you all. Sending out all the love in me to you this beautiful Friday morning. 😗😙😚😍😘❤❤💕💞💌❣💟💖💝💓…

I should have made this post on the first day. But here it is..

I am Grace Esedeke (pronounced ee say day kay). The URL for this blog reads: creatingmfon.  Where I come from (Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria) ‘Mfon’ means ‘GRACE’. It turned out ‘creatinggrace’ was already taken, so I had to replace ‘Grace’ with ‘Mfon’ 

I love to bake, take photos, write, and read.

Because I love to bake, I also love to workout. This way, I keep fit and stay in shape while enjoying my treats.

I am a sweet tooth at heart — always have been and always will be, from inception to today and this day forward–

with a passion for Food, Food Science, Nutrition, Health, Fitness, Entrepreneurship, Personal Development, Photography and God.

Next year I will be turning 30. 

I did an evaluation of my life so far, achievements, dreams, goals, failures, etc. I do this self-assessment every year, but this was more retrospective. And I discovered that;

I have failed more times than I would like to openly acknowledge and even in the tiniest little things that others might succeed at..

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I have more regrets, missed opportunities..

I haven’t really dealt with my past and forgiven all that needs to be forgiven, even though I make myself believe I have…

My cake business failed because I ate my capital, and I haven’t been able to launch my other businesses… I deleted my other blogs, … which means no money, and I literally have to depend on my family(mostly younger sibling) for upkeep…

As a result, I am struggling/dealing with low self-esteem, low or nonexistence self-worth, depression, lack of trust or believe in me, negative self-talk among others..

I procrastinate a lot, I’m sure I could win a world championship for that..

My relationship with God and friends is going haywire and I’m almost not doing anything about it..

All in all, I am very unhappy and dissatisfied with my life right now.

It wasn’t always this bad. So,

I am giving myself a one year target to reinvent, recreate myself. To create the life I’ve always wanted. To get my business(es) started, launch my products and get out of this financial rut. To return to God. To get my life back on track before my 30th birthday.

I am using this blog as first my diary to keep track of my progress. To be held accountable. To share stuffs that works, my passions and many other random things I find interesting along the way. To learn.

On this blog you will read; 

Personal stories that INSPIRES..

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Experiences (good or bad) that you will LEARN from..

Confusions and musings that will make you THINK…

Amateur fiction works that will make you KEEP COMING FOR MORE…

Amateur photographs (taken with phone) that will make you FALL IN LOVE with where I come from…

Personal growth tips, tricks and hacks that really WORKS…

Encouragement and tips that will HELP GET CLOSER TO GOD.

Personal Development tips and tricks..

Recipes to try out (all things baking and sweets)..

and more..

You are welcome to read, share stories, tools etc. that inspires you or resonates with your soul.

You are welcome to offer advice, suggestions and tips that has worked for you which I may find helpful. You can shoot me an email or drop a comment, or contact me through any of my social media handles.

I also appreciate your comments and feedbacks and more.. what is a writer without a reader and feedbacks?? I wonder!

Lets get Creating!


  1. Welcome back! Just know that through it all you’ve always come out tops on the other side. It could have been worst but for God’s grace so let that grace keep carrying you. 😍😍😍

    1. Amen. Thank you ma’am.

  2. Hopefully I’ll be with you on this journey

    1. Okay dear.. Lets get started.

  3. Keep pressing on for hope is the fuel that keeps the vehicle of life moving.. His grace is sufficient for you.

    1. Amen. Thanks for your kind words.
      Best Regards.

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