Letter to Grace…

Eleven months (02/09/2018) from today, I Grace Esedeke, will be worth N3 million (and more). Being cash left after all expenses and tax. 

In return for my excellent services, products, value to others, delicious baked goods and intellectual property etc. 

Starting from today, I will work hard, consistently, take opportunities as long as they do not defy my values. I will not just sit back and let life pass me by.

I will work at developing myself so I can positively add value to others around me. 

I will give myself no rest until I have hit the mark. 

Knowing that God is my source, I will work to flourish in my relationship with Him and with those He has placed in my life. 

I am making a pact with myself, to keep moving forward, to grow.

And then onward I will have everything I need and enough to invest and share with others. 

I will live the way I please, treat myself well, treat others well, never use my past as an excuse for laziness and failure.

I will be extremely happy and satisfied. Kind and generous. Cheerfully and wealthy.


September 2017.

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