November Goals…

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Cheers to November! Hasn’t this just been the quickest year?!

Do you set monthly goals? Have you already set your November goals?

Here’s mine:


  1. Complete a 30 day Scripture writing and study on Thanksgiving. (Tried. Didn’t do up to 30 days. Inconsistency…)
  2. Create a new prayer journal
  3. Write out 30 promises or positive confessions
  4. Become committed to Church again.
  5. Write out 30 ‘I WILL’ in the book of Psalms.


  1. Read 2 new books and finish up the ones I left uncompleted.
  2. Read articles (at least 2 each day) related to my blogging niche and something I’m working on.
  3. Sign up for courses on Blogging, business developer, Creative writing etc.
  4. Soul Journal
  5. 30 days gratitude journalling (didn’t get upto 30 days. Inconsistency… but its a great exercise and I’m definitely going to repeat in December.)


  1. Sell 20 (and more) birthday and wedding cakes
  2. Increase Blog followership by 50% (not upto 50% though. But in a good place.)
  3. Write ‘Dear Christian’ one chapter a day.
  4. Begin working on free printables
  5. Comment on all blogs I follow
  6. Find new blogs to follow
  7. Relaunch Youtube channel
  8. Make 2 videos for YouTube
  9. Create  a Pinterest group board (Here’s the link to request an invite: Blog Sharing Spree or follow me on Pinterest then shoot me an email with your pinterest username or email so I can send you an invite)
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  1. 30 days run (glad to get back into my running shoes)
  2. Make organic DIY product for face and skin treatment (started with cinnamon and warm water… the thing worked like magic on face, cleared all the pimples and lfet my face feeling soft like a baby’s face. this is no joke)
  3. 7 days Detox


  1. Celebrate Dad’s birthday.
  2. Visit parents on a weekend
  3. Spend more time with siblings.


  1. Clean and declutter my room
  2. 5 random acts of kindness

There it is. My November goals.

I will update this post every week to mark the goals I have accomplished.

Updated: 01/12/2017.

Over to you;

Do you set monthly goals(No? Why?) What are your November goals?

Lets Discuss…



  1. I love your November goals!! I also have goals set for November mostly working on blog creating better more inspiring posts. Making a signature for end of all posts, sending out a newsletter, creating new freebies, and commenting on more of the blogs that I follow. As well as uping the amount of twitter followers I have and getting more subscribers.
    Personal goals are having a better stronger relationship with my husband, reading more scripture, and finding a great church to go to.
    You have a wonderful blog and I will definitely be following you on your personal journey

    1. Hello Cherrie, such wonderful goals you have. We happen to be sharing similar blogging goals. We’ve got so much work to do. Thank you so much for stopping by and for your kind words.
      Love, Grace.

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