Step 10: Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle…

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step 10-adopt a healthy lifestyle

Adopting a healthy lifestyle isn’t just about dieting and exercising.

A healthy person is not only fit but maintains proper hygiene, mental state, and a good stress management strategy.

A healthy person isn’t the one on a diet who restrict his/herself from a particular class of food.

I am not even a fan of dieting. I know many people who have been affected and their pockets ripped off from not knowing the difference between healthy eating that supports your body and well-being; and restrictive, unhealthy dieting that can compromise our health and chip away at our self-esteem. From a professional point of view, I don’t support or advice dieting, except it’s medically adviced and given a time limit.

Why do we need to adopt a healthy lifestyle as one of the ways to create the life we want?

The answer is simple: we need our bodies to function. We need our bodies to be in good condition so we can function productively.

If we don’t take care of our physical and mental health, our bodies get sick and we are unable to meet our goals.

Healthy living can be adopted. It’s a skill that can be learned too.

Let us look at easy ways to adopt a healthy lifestyle:

Ways To Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle..1

Drink lots of water:

This one right here is the one I’m struggling to maintain. I’ll rather pass off drinking water after a meal for a bottle of coke or all those sugar-packed ultra-processed fruit juices. I know this is a really bad habit, and the consequences are no stranger to my soul.

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Drink lots of water. Water does a lot for our bodies. from burning calories to detoxifying/cleansing to helping us maintain proper body fluids. Resist the urge to drink that beverage (energy drinks inclusive) and just drink water. It’s a healthier alternative.

Avoid unhealthy bad habits:

Unhealthy habits you should avoid include: drinking too much alcohol (I don’t drink at all reason being that our body produces alcohol in some levels, and almost everything we eat contains some form of alcohol), smoking, lack of exercise, not visiting your doctor on a regular basis for checkups, eating unhealthy foods, not taking the prescribed medicines, skipping meals. Because these bad habits do more harm to your body in the long run.

Stress management:

Because stress isn’t good and it’s been identified as the cause of many diseases. Find and adopt a stress management system that works for you.

Control your thoughts:

Because mental health is important too. Think big and positive. Even if you don’t think big, if you are thinking anything at all, think positive. You need your mind in a good condition too.


It is advisable to include exercise in your daily routine. Exercise isn’t just about losing weight, it’s more about being fit and healthy.  Exercising helps prolongs your life, and many other awesome benefits you shouldn’t miss.


Good Sleep:

I am the last person you should take a sleeping advice from. I barely sleep up to 5hours in a day.But I’m working on it.  But do sleep. It’s healthy.

Begin practicing a healthy lifestyle today.

Over to you: what healthy lifestyle do you practice that isn’t on this list? Which are you currently working on? 

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