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Hello! Hi! 

Welcome to this little space of mine. 

I started  blogging in 2012. Started off with wordpress then moved to blogspot then to Tumblr then to squarspace and finally back to a self-hosted wordpress blog.

I had more than 4000 email subscribers, most of whom were ‘whites’ ( Americans, Europeans etc). 

Mid 2017, I became so depressed that I locked myself up for months alone. I woke up one morning feeling like the worst kind of failure, feeling like my life was so dark and deep in the pit and there was no light or hope coming from anywhere. I felt like an hypocrite writing to encourage thousands of people when I couldn’t do same for myself and since my life at the time was totally ‘worthless’.

So, that’s how I DELETED my blog with huge traffic.. And DELETED my 4k plus email list that was fetching me good cash. 

But I never stopped writing. 

I’ve always liked documenting many things I love and that interest me in life like books, entrepreneurship story/journey, personal development journey, quotes and blurbs, my relationship with God, poetry, travel, pictures and generally life as I see it!

I decided what better time to actually get it going again and keep track of my one year target than NOW..

so here I am!

I plan and hope to update this blog regularly and would love to see it evolve into some little space of what inspires me, and what inspires others to cone along.

I would love to say “Welcome, let’s get creating our best life now!  to all my beautiful followers and email subscribers.” but that would be a joke as I don’t have  any on this blog. At least not anymore!

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What this blog would look like when I look back in a year, I wonder….!I

But I’m certain it will be something worth looking back on..



  1. Writing to encourage and not doing same for yourself… I relate totally — struggling to break free from such tawny aspect of me….
    Welcome back to the community of inking.. I am Obed.

    1. Thank you Obed. Nice to meet you here.

      1. You’re welcome

  2. I can relate…

    1. Good to know we are never alone in our struggles..
      Thanks for dropping by.

  3. Wish I knew back then. More Grace! The greater one lives in You. 💜

    1. Hi Emeka, Thank you for those kind words. And thanks for dropping by.

      1. Welcome Grace

  4. Missed you so much!
    Would send you an email dear friend.
    Keep shining your light 😊

    1. I did miss you too.
      I will be expecting the mail.
      Thanks for coming around.
      Warm Regards.

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  6. So glad I found myself here, I totally love your blog.
    Looking forward to reading more from you.

    1. Thank you darling. Looking forward to getting to know you more.

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