Why I Moved My Blog From Free WordPress to Self hosted

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Why did I move my blog from free WordPress to self-hosted blog? I mean, is free right? So why don’t you just stick with it? These are series of questions I got recently from a fellow Nigerian blogger after I told him I moved my blog.

A little bit Intro:

I have been blogging (inconsistently) for the past 5 years. That’s a pretty long time and I should be a 6-figure blogger by now, right?

But that wasn’t the case. I was as confused as any new blogger around the block,  didn’t do enough reading and research about blogging and was just getting to learn to make use of the internet for good.

My first blog was on (can’t remember the blog name, and why I stopped using it).

My second blog was on I chose blogger for a change and for the need to explore every blogging platform out there. 3 times Adsense rejections led me to click the delete button.

After resting for a couple of months, I got back to blogging again. This time self-hosted. Gracious insight was hacked and I was logged out. Godaddy wasn’t of any help (reason I would never advise anybody to host their blog with Godaddy. Well, except they have changed. But you don’t have to risk it)

Up next was hosted with InMotion Hosting Something happened in my life last year (2017) some big disappointments, and frustrations that led to a 6 months plus depression. As a result, I deleted all my online accounts including the blog. (not good).

Towards the end of October 2017, I decided to blog again to help with my growth and so I went back to mostly because I was completely out of cash to buy a hosting. January 2018, I bought a domain/hosting and moved.

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So, here’s why I moved my blog from to Self-hosted

  1. Blog Ownership: who actually owns the blog? WordPress or you? If you are using the free, the bad news is you don’t own your blog.

When you own something you are at liberty to do whatever you want with it right? Well, doesn’t give you that liberty.

First, they place ads on your blog (Ads you don’t have control over). Then they make money off your traffic as their payment for allowing you host your blog on their site.

On the other hand, Self-hosted WordPress blog is freedom. It is your blog.

I moved my blog from to self-hosted ( because I wanted that freedom of ownership. I wanted control over whether or not I allow ads on my blog.

2. Way too many Limitations: Everything on is limited. Customization is limited to only a few features. You can’t upload and install your own theme. Plugins are limited, you don’t have access to plugins and can’t upload one. And so there is no way to customize your blog the way you would have wanted.

If you want to be a serious blogger, go pro or make serious bucks from your blog, you need to be able to customize your blog and give it the features you want, install plugins that enhance your blog’s feature and helps it run efficiently.

3. Monetization: Now this is the big one. Thinking about monetizing your blog? Well, think again. Because won’t let you.

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There are many blogs out there that are not making a single cent probably because monetization isn’t their aim of blogging. I’ve had a couple of blogs in the past years for the sole purpose of blogging, just to get my words out there. But now I’m thinking of taking it a step further, to get paid for blogging.

And if you want to monetize, most advertisers and affiliate programs don’t take any blog with ‘’ or with a ‘‘ serious. Plainly, most advertisers and affiliate networks don’t accept blogs on the free platform (free WordPress or Blogspot) into their programs.

Meanwhile, with your self-hosted blog, you can advertise for ad networks or affiliates as much as you want.

You can only do so little with free WordPress. And you can do so much with your self-hosted blog.

So because I wanted the blog to make money to cover its own expenses, I had to move.

And with a self-hosted blog, you get the opportunity to begin building your personal brand.

There, you have it, why I moved my blog from to self-hosted

Did you have to move your blog? Tell us why in the comments. Are you planning to move? Tell us why.

I want to hear from you.


  1. There is nothing annoying like those WP ads

    1. Very annoying. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Thank You Koko for this insight.

    Super proud of you and your achievements.

    Well done

    1. Thank you dear.

  3. I totally understand the reasons you moved to a self-hosted site. I’m thinking about doing the same and now, I’m feeling more encouraged after reading your post!

    1. Please do. Meanwhile, i have a tutorial that might be of help.

  4. says:

    I wish you more success.

    1. Thank you.

      1. says:

        You’re Welcome Grace.

  5. says:

    Hey lovely blog, good job girl! Let’s be blogger buddies!

    1. Yea! Let’s do it.
      Thanks for reaching out.

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